Based in San Diego, Julien Cantelm is highly sought after for his versatile, creative, and unique drumming. Born into a musical family, Julien’s journey began at a young age. His father a percussionist and his uncle, bassist for the Pittsburgh Symphony, introduced the violin to Julien around the age of 4 before moving on to acoustic guitar and drums around the age of 11. Julien has toured extensively with both national and international projects.


Notable collaborations -

Geoffrey Keezer / Peter Sprague / Chico Pinheiro / The Danny Green Trio / Josh Nelson / Joshua White / Sheila E. and Pete Escovedo / Matt Pierson Sear Sound NYC / Eva Scow / Marcos Silva / Ian Faquini / Fabiano Do Nascimento / Rebecca Kleinmann / Sam Gendel / Dusty Brough / Kelp Giant / Eric Marienthal / Scott Thompson / Victor Baker Guitar's NYC / Natalie Cressman


The Danny Green Trio -

Sean Hicke - Sunflower Sutra -

Victor Baker Guitar's NYC -

Rebecca Kleinmann - -

Kelp Giant -


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Julien offers private lessons at his studio or is available to commute. 

For those in the La Jolla area, he is the Drum Instructor at Kalabash School of Music and Arts -